How to Choose your Product


First Steps

Take Time to talk with your Building Designer, Architect or Builder to understand building codes specific to your new project eg Bushfire Compliance, Energy Requirements, Fall Restrictions for Child Safety, Wind Load Ratings.

Consider how you will use your new home. How will you control ventilation? Location and type of egress doors? Natural light in the morning or afternoon? Do you need screening solutions?

Gather all this information.


Vision Board

Create a pin board of your inspirational ideas. Collect magazine photos, sketch drawings etc of things you want to consider.

** Colours schemes—internal & external
** Design Styles—modern, classic, architectural
** Textures & finishes—Stone, wood, render, iron, concrete, brick
** Living Spaces—Furniture, entertaining area vs office, Bedroom vs Laundry


Product Selection

Wander through our product range thinking about what type of window or door is best suited for your needs.

E.g. Sliding Doors or Hinged? Awning windows or Sliding Windows.

Consider the aesthetics of the different frame types. Big Chunky frames or Smaller profiles?

Consider your design requirements from step 1 and choose a framing suite to suit your needs.


Colours & Finishes

Be sure to consider how your joinery looks from both inside & outside. Do you require dual colour framing options? We offer a range of dual colour selections where internal and external colour palettes may differ.

Are you near the coast? Do you desire a particular colour scheme? Powder Coating offers a wider range of colour choices, where anodised finishes will emphasise the natural look of your frames.

Coastal grade warranty finishes are available in both Anodised and powder coat finishes.



The right glass can enhance the way your home looks and feels. It can add warmth to your home, create privacy with obscure & textured finishes.

Glass can improve thermal efficiency, improve acoustic performance in busy areas as well giving greater security & safety where needed.

Your energy requirements may require double glazing giving scope to a wide range of energy efficient options available to suit your requirements.



Think of a handle as jewellery for your windows and doors.

Do you want a subtle look or a feature statement? Something modern, or more traditional?

You need to consider the functionality, security and aesthetic appeal of the hardware ensuring it will suit the requirements of your new windows and doors.


Talk to an Expert

Now that have decided on your style and what will work well in you new project, come and have a friendly chat with an expert. Have us guide you through the best options for your dream home, ensuring you're satisfied for years to come.

Visit our showroom and talk to one of team members about the best advice for your new windows and doors.