Bushfire Rated Products

Building in a Bushfire Zone

 Many Australian homes are located in areas prone to bushfire attack. Changes to the BCA in 2011 have increased the stringency around the selection of windows and doors (along with other building materials) for new build or renovation projects in bushfire prone areas. These changes are intended to reduce the risk of loss of life or damage to property in bushfire-prone areas.

If you currently live, or plan to build, in a bushfire-prone area, there are many precautions you can take to help protect your home and maximise your safety.

Key steps include ensuring an appropriate building site location, using suitable building materials, ensuring proximity to independent water sources, managing the vegetation surrounding the building and clearing debris close to the building. It is also important to ensure your property is accessible for emergency vehicles.

Rosebud Windows manufactures a developed and tested a range of Elevate™ Aluminium windows and doors certified to meet the requirements for windows in a BAL-40 zone. These products are engineered, tested and certified to withstand the conditions likely to occur in a BAL-40 zone and are designed to help you protect your home whilst still delivering unprecedented style, efficiency and functionality for your lifestyle.

A Guide to Windows and Doors in Bushfire Prone AreasFire Rated Systems

Identifying BAL-40 Bushfire Tested Systems

Throughout AWS brochures, websites and literature, window and door systems which have been tested or certified to comply with AS3959-2009 are identified with the BAL-40 logo illustrated to the right.

Testing undertaken is in accordance with AS1530.8.1 and the certification is issued based upon a positive outcome to this testing procedure.

Product Labelling

All AWS windows supplied as compliant for BAL-40 bushfire zones will be identified with the adhesive label to the Left.

This symbol is used throughout AWS literature to indicate a product has been tested to comply with the requirements for windows in BAL-40 bushfire zones.